Life as a Seminarian


Life as a seminarian is wonderfully exhausting.  You study harder, love deeper, dream bigger, and you find yourself made new.  You live life in constant, nurturing community and learn something beautiful:  you will never be alone.

Ashley Urquidi
MDiv '15
Diocese of Maryland

Seminary?  AMAZING.  Liturgy and love, theology and thanksgiving, chapel and chalices, gratitude and grace, friends and food.  My life has changed; my world has changed; I am more whole than I've ever been.  SSW is part of my life forever.

Susanna Brosseau
MDiv '13
Diocese of Northwest Texas

Growing together and striving for holiness in community, learning from our texts, teachers, and fellow seminarians.  Touched with grace by what we read, hear, and witness in the lives of others walking this journey with us.

Meghan Vail
Master of Arts in Chaplaincy
and Pastoral Care '13
Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin

Southwest is where I'm supposed to be.  I feel safe, challenged, and respected.  I AM being transformed almost daily in direct relation to my studies, my class experiences, my professors, and my fellow seminarians.

Pam Hallmark
Master of Arts in Chaplaincy
and Pastoral Care '13

Life as a seminarian at Southwest is communal, challenging, and comprehensive.  It is a shared life yet one where privacy is respected and encouraged.  A life bustling with activity, children, worship, study, and friendship building.  I love my Southwest!

Jodi Baron
MDiv '14
Diocese of Western Michigan

Each day we walk together the interwoven path of Scripture, Reason and Tradition leading us into ourselves, the Church, the world, and relationship with the Trinitarian God where we are formed as dedicated, faithful, and mature Christian leaders.


Seth Olson
MDiv '13
Diocese of Alabama