Susan Douglas Meditation

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Psalm: 25; Amos 7:1-9; Matthew 22:23-33


We entered this season of preparation and expectant waiting after a tumultuous year marred by the death of innocent children, community violence, political conflict, financial crisis and war. Social injustice is seen where the working poor line up at food banks to feed their families, when those without access to adequate housing and healthcare suffer and as human trafficking flourishes. The Prophet Amos would find much in the 21st century to decry. Like Amos and the Psalmist, we acknowledge our brokenness and implore our Creator to forgive us. For in that forgiveness, we find our future through God’s steadfast love. Between the birth of Jesus and the Second Coming of Christ, we live our lives in preparation and in hope. How we give those lives meaning, how we treat each other and how we relate to God defines our journey. The sure knowledge that our journey leads to the God of the living gives us hope to continue onward. Advent invites reflection on these things as we re-experience the joy and awe of the Messiah’s arrival. Thus, with voices lifted, we can sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” as we celebrate his birth and continue in Christ’s way.

Most merciful God, please prepare our hearts to receive Christ anew, increasing our love for you and for each other. Amen. 

Susan D. Douglas
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, San Antonio
Master of Arts in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care, 2014