Southwest professors interview Rowan Williams for Theology Studio

Jun 13

Seminary of the Southwest Professors Anthony Baker and Scott Bader-Saye have an appointment on June 24 with Dr. Rowan Williams, previous Archbishop of Canterbury and now master at Magdalene College at Cambridge University.  

“I just emailed him about Theology Studio, told him what we do, and requested an interview,” said Dr. Baker.  “The focus of the interview with Dr. Williams will be the future of theological education and his reflections on the big ideas emerging in the field.”

Baker and Bader-Saye are hosts of Theology Studio, which “provides a forum for engaging voices and movements in the discipline of theology that seek to serve the church, engage tradition, resist commodification, and reclaim the primacy of the good, the true, and the beautiful.” 

Professor Baker will also present a paper titled “Difficult Theosis: Shakespeare as Theological Humanist” at the University of Oxford’s Centre of Theology and Philosophy conference, The Soul later in June. Also presenting will be Southwest alumni Tarah van De Wiele and Matthew Boulter.

Earlier in June, Professor Baker led a pilgrimage to the Diocese of Navajoland with the Rev. Miles Brandon, rector of St. Julian of Norwich, Austin, and members of the congregation to learn the history of the Episcopal Church in the area as well as Navajo Christianity in particular. Southwest alumni, Kerry Neuhardt and David Bailey, bishop of the Diocese of Navajoland invited Dr. Baker to teach for the postulants and new ordinands in the diocese.

Also in June, Professor Bader-Saye preached at Christ Church, in Sparta, NC and presented two workshops, "What is Next for Stewardship? A Holistic Approach to Money in the Church" and "Being Mischievous with Money: Theology and the New Economy," at the Christian Formation Conference at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC.

Anthony Baker holds the Clinton S. Quinn chair of Systematic Theology at Seminary of the Southwest. He is author of Diagonal Advance: Perfection in Christian Theology.

Dr. Bader-Saye is academic dean and holds the Helen and Everett H. Jones chair of Christian Ethics and Moral Theology at Southwest. His publications include Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear and Church and Israel After Christendom, as well as contributions to The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics and The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels. Scott also serves as Theologian in Residence at St. Julian of Norwich Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas.