Scott Lee Advent Meditation

Psalm 27:1-6; Matthew 9:27-31

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Looking at Psalm 27, “One thing I asked of the Lord . . . to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,” and pairing that with Matthew where Jesus is on a journey and blind men ask for mercy, two questions arise: 1) Where is God’s house? and 2) Are we to blind to see it? What seems to emerge is the knowledge that God’s dwelling is where people receive the sight to see God at work. This residence may very well be inside the Church, surrounded by stained glass windows and golden dinnerware. It also may be those encounters when leaving the Church, in the street where we meet people crying out, “Have mercy on us.” Either way, in journeying with Jesus our eyes are opened to see the needs of others, and perhaps, it is when we work to meet those needs that we are most at home in God’s dwelling.


Eternal God, to dwell with you is our hearts' deepest desire. Open our eyes to see you more clearly and surround us with your love that we may know we are home, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Scott Lee
Master of Divinity Program - Senior
Diocese of Northwest Texas