Required Courses for Spiritual Direction--Titles and Descriptions

D5305 Spirituality in the Workplace
This course explores the challenges associated with bridging the worship places and workplace, seeking to identify and respond to the perceived lack of correlation between these two important components of life in today’s world. Through a combination of lectures and reflective dialogue, we try to re-define concepts such as “work,” “vocation,” and “spirituality” by examining aspects of Christian scripture, traditional and contemporary writings, both religious and secular.

F5304 Prayer, Action and the Contemplative Life
This course in prayer examines the core of spirituality. Prayer is the dialogue between two constructs. The construct of “god” is put into conversation with the construct of the “self.” Both of these constructs evolve and are frequently affected by spiritual direction and spiritual formation programs. Prayer practices for lectio divina, the prayer of examen, centering prayer, and biblical types of prayer for pastoral care will be studied and experienced. Spiritual advisors are often looked to as experts in prayer. Students explore ways of praying, crafting and maintaining a contemporary Rule of Life, and other spiritual disciplines for nourishment and growth throughout a lifetime.

F5310 Practicum in Spiritual Direction
For those wishing to provide spiritual direction or informal companionship to others in their spiritual journeys. Students will study the work of several experts in the field and will engage in some directing of a partner. One does not need to feel called specifically to the ministry of spiritual direction to benefit from the class. D5305, F5304, F5330, and F5331 are prerequisites for this course. This course may be repeated as an elective for students who want to explore several methods of spiritual direction.

F5330 Introduction to Discipleship and Vocation
Every aspect of the life of a spiritual community has the potential to be an element in the formation of the people as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. This course introduces future priests and other spiritual mentors to the characteristics of Christian discipleship and to the role of ministers in serving the discipleship of others. In addition, students study the vocations of people across the lifespan, learn how to help others discern their vocations, and create a wide variety of learning experiences to help Christians of all ages to live into their various calls.

F5331 Theory in Spiritual Direction
This course examines the ethics, history, practice, and suitability of pastors or laity serving as spiritual directors. Students will learn the appropriate skills for leading spiritual direction in individual and group settings. They will explore the differences in serving as spiritual directors in the congregation and in the community. This course may be repeated as an elective for students who want to explore additional models of spiritual direction from other accredited graduate programs.