Rev. Patrick Miller Meditation

119:49-72; Zechariah 3:1-10; Matthew 24:45-51


I am falling apart now.  I lost my self-importance during week one of Advent and my self-righteousness during week two.  By the third week of Advent, I am rethinking what powerful means as each night is looming longer and each day my creative light feels elusive.  I am curious why I started out.  I have misplaced my courage.  Something or someone stole my nerve.

Voices tell stories in my head of the fairy tales of adulthood.  Stories that seemed so real at eighteen.  Each story varies on the same theme such as, “Who is important.” Or, “What is crucial.” And, “One should really fear becoming lost and alone.”

I am about three quarters of my way through a Pandora’s Advent.  I pause.   I listen.  I hear my daughter singing “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”  I remember the hope of the world.  Incarnation is a wonderful thing.

Gracious God, remind me to listen, to briefly stay still and catch your word into my heart. Amen. 

The Rev. Patrick Miller
Rector, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Houston, TX
MDiv 2000