Kimberly Meuth Meditation

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Psalm 72:11-18, Jeremiah 23:5-8,Matthew 1:18-25


As Christians we embrace Advent as a time to slow down and allow ourselves to be touched by something we can never fully understand: our Christ came to Earth as a human. Hustle and bustle have invaded this time of anticipation and awe, especially in the Western World, and I find myself like the Psalmist and Amos cursing these wicked individuals who sing their jolly tunes, but their treasure is wrapped in paper not a manger. I can push my judgment and frustration out into the world seeing my neighbors as others so easily. So quickly I become the wicked, my treasure is wrapped in self-righteousness and ego, not the manger. In Matthew, Christ tells us how to navigate these desires of our false self system and gives us a structure to stay in loving relationship with God, the World, and ourselves: love God with our whole being and love our neighbors as ourselves. Observing these commandments is impossible without shifting focus to the internal state of the heart, soul, and mind. One does not have to journey long before we relate to the people of Israel, not able to “bear all his words” because that means constantly turning to the humble manger which holds the Light of the World.

Lord, may our eyes see you coming, may our ears hear you calling; may our voice never cease to proclaim your Love. May our prayer be sealed in faith. Amen. 

Kimberly Meuth
Master of Arts in Counseling , 2014
Seminary of the Southwest