Jodi Baron Meditation

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Psalm: 126; Habakkuk 2:1-4; John 20:24-29


When I think back over my life, to times when I have been faced with difficult decisions, I recall having both hope and fear. For me, my hesitation in “taking the leap” that such a decision required, was not from a lack of desire to believe that I was safe or that something was true but because I feared that accepting this truth would render me vulnerable. That fear, I believe, was a result of the exposure I anticipated my heart going through if my hopes were not realized. Whether it was about love or pursuing my dreams; hope was tethered to vulnerability. I think this is what the Gospel message is showing us through the story about the disciples and Thomas’ reaction to the news that their Lord is alive! Thomas gives us a deeply intimate way to reveal what is at stake when we believe that Jesus is alive! He shows us that when we bring the crevasses of our hearts, our deepest hurts and fears, God meets us there and shows us how to have faith. Jesus didn’t rebuke Thomas for wanting to see his wounds with his eyes and touch them with his hands.  Jesus took what Thomas gave him and assumed it unto himself, transforming his hurt, doubt, and fear into Faith; faith to believe that God is with them, even until the end of time.

Holy God: Give us courage like Thomas to admit when we are hurting. Show us how to have faith in you, wounds and all.Description:

Jodi Baron
Postulant, Diocese of Western Michigan
Seminary of the Southwest
MDiv, 2014