Donald Keeney Meditation

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Psalm: 24, 29; Genesis 3:8-15; John 3:16-21


In John 3, God so loved the world. And God gave his son to save the world. The Gospel of John begins with the Word who came to the world, but the world did not receive him. But at the end of the gospel of John, the gospel spreads out, from Jesus to the disciples, first to the women, then to the apostles. Finally we hear the echo of the community when in John 21:24, “we know that his testimony is true.” Through all our experiences in the world, we also understand and experience that God blesses us, even in this almost-there time of Advent. As we wait for God, we hope.

Lord, we thank you for comfort in this hectic, distracting preparation. Grant us hope and peace because we trust in you. Amen.

Donald E. Keeney, PhD
Director, Booher Library
Seminary of the Southwest