Fall 2011 Course Offerings

Fall 2011 Course Offerings- September 12 - October 28, 2011

DLF6012 Reading God: Sacred Texts Around the World

This course will explore world religions through their various scriptures. We will read excerpts from the Talmud, the Koran, Sikhism's Adi Granth, some Buddhist Sutras, Hindu hymns from the Rig Veda, all of Daoism's concise Book of the Way, and conclude with selections from the Analects of Confucius. We will discuss how these sacred texts inform each tradition's piety and how some groups incorporate the books into their community's ritual and cultural lives.

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This course is taught by Elizabeth Jarnagin


DLF6014 Reflections on God and Country: A Critical Examination of the Nexus of Religion and Patriotism

A critical examination of the conflation and potential consequent conflict between religion, particularly Christianity, and patriotism, particularly US patriotism.  Issues to be explored will include, at a minimum, consideration and critical examination of (1) the sources of pressure to conflate the terms and concepts; (2) the sustainability and metaphysical conceivability of this nexus; (3) cognitive-rational coexistence of religion and patriotism as against their affective-emotive blending; (4) roles and interplay of religions and political systems, (5) war and peace, and others.

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This course is taught by Dan Nieto

DLF6015 Ministry in the Spiritual and Cultural Diversity of Health Care

The purpose of this course is to equip chaplains and those who provide pastoral care to develop ongoing competency as educators and practitioners in cultural and spiritual diverse settings. By tending to the cultural and spiritual needs of the chaplains and pastoral care providers, they become change agents in multicultural healthcare delivery systems.

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This course is taught by Golden Tradewell

DLM6001 Starting Hispanic Ministries: Gleanings from the Field of Domestic Missions in the Southwest

Hispanic Ministry poses special cultural, religious and financial challenges to churches in the United States. This course introduces the salient issues and explores strategies that have been successful in addressing these issues. Learning from failure of ministries will also be explored. This course is not a Spanish language course.

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This course is taught by Jaime Case