Diploma in Theological Studies

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For those who do not seek a master's degree, the seminary offers a Diploma in Theological Studies (DTS).  The DTS is awarded to a regularly admitted student who has earned at least 18 credits at or through the seminary in an approved course of study within a three-year period. Please  note that the credit hours listed are a minimum. More may be taken as desired.

This diploma is ideal for those who wish to enrich their knowledge in particular areas without being committed to the completion of a master's degree. 

Applicants will complete all items in the application form except for the requirement for the GRE or MAT testing.  Appropriate diploma courses may be applied to the master's degree should the student decide to pursue those studies.  Additional admissions requirements may apply. 

Prior to being awarded the diploma, a candidate must fully discharge all financial obligations to the seminary and all requirements must be completed within three years from the date of entry into the program.

Diploma in Theological Studies Program Goals

Through study of theological disciplines, students in the DTS will be formed in the areas of being, knowing and doing.

  • They will acquire the discipline of close reading and critical thinking and develop a curious and generous intellect.
  • They will gain familiarity with the Bible, explore the principle developments in the history of Christian institutions and theology, achieve an understanding of the major theological topics  and relate them to Christian faith and practice with imagination and creativity
  • They will conduct integrative research within a theological area and demonstrate competency through clear articulation of conceptual and theological ideas by way of regular class writing.
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