Diploma in Anglican Studies

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The Diploma in Anglican Studies (DAS) is a one year qualification designed to meet the needs of those seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church. Normally, students will have either completed a Master of Divinity in a non-Episcopal school or have initially studied for ordination with a diocesan school or program.  The DAS is also suitable for clergy coming from another communion or for laity who want a foundational education in Anglican theology, spirituality, and polity. An Anglican studies year is a rare opportunity to combine classroom study of Anglicanism with living and praying within an Episcopal community, being formed by its ethos and spirituality.

Our DAS students come with varied backgrounds in theological study and lay ministerial experience. The DAS is designed, therefore, to provide the flexibility needed to meet diocesan requirements as well as student interests.  The program's director, the Rev. Dr. Nathan Jennings works individually with students in planning their year and helping them get the very best from their program.

This diploma is awarded to students who have successfully completed a minimum of 24 credits. Normally, this diploma is taken over one year of full-time study; however, students may extend their diploma to take further courses over a longer period, if desired.

Prior to being awarded the diploma, a candidate must fully discharge all financial obligations to the seminary and all requirements must be completed within three calendar years from the date of entry into the program. 

DAS Program Goals

DAS students will:

  • Possess an understanding of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church, its biblical, theological and liturgical tradition, its history and moral theology and practices of ministry and pastoral care. 
  • Bring knowledge of the Anglican tradition to bear on the challenges of the contemporary church and the world. 
  • Exercise leadership in Anglican and Episcopal church communities and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, carrying out the ministry of healing and reconciliation.


Course of studies 

Anglican Faith and Practice   (12 credits)

Courses include:

B2310  Biblical Studies: History & Hermeneutics III (Fall Semester)

H3310  Anglican Studies (Fall Semester)

L1310  Liturgy I: Worship and Theology (Fall Semester)

L2340  Liturgy II: The Prayer Book, its History and Theology (Spring Semester)

Additional courses may be taken in systematic theology, Anglican spirituality, history, and theological ethics. Students who have an interest in cross-cultural ministry may take courses in Hispanic Studies and/or the January placement and missiology course. In the case of students with only limited foundations in theology, general courses in Bible and introductory theology may be recommended.


The Pastoral Arts   (12 credits)

Courses include:

L2310  Preaching I (Fall Semester)

L2330  Preaching II (Spring Semester)

P2320  Pastoral Theology I: Foundations of Pastoral Ministry (Spring Semester)

P3310  Senior Parish Field Education

P3320  Senior Parish Field Education

F3320 Introduction to Discipleship and Vocation (Spring Semester)


Field education is a vital component of all preparation for ordained ministry. The Rev. Kathleen Russell, professor of Pastoral Theology and director of Field Education works with DAS students to discern whether a structured field education experience should be part of the student's DAS program. The Austin area has a broad range of parish field education opportunities that allow us to match students needs and strengths with a parish and supervisor that will best contribute to the student's formation.

Diplomas in Anglican Studies students also take up responsibilities for worship and preaching in the seminary chapel. Opportunities exist for education mandated by dioceses in anti-racism, professional sexual ethics, "Safeguarding god's Children" and "Title IV."



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