Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC)

The Master of Arts in Counseling is a 66-hour degree designed for persons seeking graduate-level instruction in counseling and a curriculum that provides opportunities to integrate counseling theories and techniques with pastoral approaches and perspectives.  The core curriculum (5 courses) provides a biblical, theological, historical,contextual and ethical foundation for pastoral ministry. All other courses (required and elective) are directly related to counseling.

Prior to being awarded the degree, a candidate must fully discharge all financial obligations to the seminary and all requirements should be completed within six years from the date of entry into the program.  

Notes on Licensure                                                                                                                                      

MAC Program Goals

Through core courses in Biblical studies, history, theology, and ethics and through in-depth study of theories of human development, personality assessment and counseling theory and practice students will achieve formation and integration in these three areas:

Being-Character Objectives:

  • form and commit to personal spiritual practices capable of sustaining the vocation of a counselor
  • prepare to exercise the vocation of counseling with the highest standards of professional ethics and expertise

Knowing-Content Objectives:

  • develop an informed and sympathetic approach to religious-particularly Christian-expression, narrative, and aspiration as it is presented within the clinical setting
  • develop the skills for a discerning theological reading of a client's narrative, one able to inform the process of healing, whether or not that reading is made explicit in the counseling context

Doing-Practical Objectives:

  • achieve competence in assessment, case formulation, and strategies of intervention within the context of a respectful therapeutic relationship, accompanied by a critical self-awareness on the part of the therapist
  • secure the theoretical and practical understanding necessary for professional counseling, including the academic foundation for passing the State of Texas qualifying examination for the credential of Licensed Professional Counselor.

Course requirements for the MAC degree (66 hours)

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