Cruzando la Frontera con Jesus

Mar 22
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas

Seminary of the Southwest is a sponsoring partner with Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary for a series of semi-annual conferences called "Cruzando la Frontera" (Crossing the Border). The series' goal is on-going continuing education for Hispanic clergy and laity as well as clergy and laity working in Spanish-speaking contexts.

This Spring's conference is titled  Cruzando la Frontera con Jesus (Crossing the Border with Jesus). It will examine the faith and spirituality of persons who cross the U.S. Mexico border. The conference will be held in Spanish.

Registration is open for the next conference.

When: March 22, 2014   9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas

Cost: $35 (lunch included) for pastors; no charge for students

Presenters: Dr. Gregory Cuéller, assistant professor of Old Testament, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Dr. Cristian De La Rosa, clinical assistant professor of contextual theology and practice, Boston University School of Theology

Learning goals: Leading participants to see themselves as part of a larger community of Latino Christians involved in inter-traditional learning; equipping laity and pastoral leaders for ministry; applying biblical and theological themes to specific contexts and social location of Hispanic people in the borderlands; and, developing critical thinking and hermeneutical skills

Seminary of the Southwest's sponsorship of this series is funded by the Leo Alard Fund, a gift from the Center for Hispanic Ministries, which entrusted the seminary with its mission to provide continuing education and support for Hispanic leadership for the church.

The Rev. Paul Barton, Seminary of the Southwest faculty and director says about Cruzando la Frontero con Jesus, "We invite Latino scholars in theological education to share their scholarship with the goal that they will contextualize their teaching for the varieties of Latino experiences in the Southwest." Dr. Barton is director of Hispanic church studies and associate professor of the history American Christianity and missiology at Southwest. 

This series, which began two years ago, offers conferences each fall and spring. Prior to the upcoming conference in March, the events have been held on the campus of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

For more information, please contact the Rev. Paul Barton at 512.439.0338 or