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Ash Wednesday 2013


Southwest Students Attend Interfaith Retreat

Haiti Blog Post 16-Laundry


Haiti Blog Post 16- January 20, 2012


Laundry might seem like a silly thing to write about, but today it has been on my mind.  I take my wonderful big washing machine and dryer for granted.  But, the ladies here take great pride in cleaning the laundry.

Smokin' for Mission BBQ Competition for Episcopal Relief & Development

Smokin' for Mission: Students Plan BBQ Competition to support Episcopal Relief & Development

On February 2, the community at Seminary of the Southwest will gather for an afternoon of fun-filled BBQ competition at the seminary campus. The teams have been preparing for weeks, honing their BBQ skills around the grill and are now ready to show each other who the real grill masters of the seminary really are!

The best part of the event: all of the profits from the event are going directly to support the mission of Episcopal Relief & Development!

Haiti Project-Post 6


Haiti Blog Post 6- January 7, 2012

In three short days, I have settled in to Haitian life.  My body is covered with mesquite bites, I am enjoying the slower pace, and I am just plain dirty! 

Fruit Champagne

Beyond the Walls

We’re staying in the rectory of St. Simeon’s Episcopal Church in Croix de Bouquets.  St Simeon’s sits within a high wall with its school at the back and the rectory across the parking lot.  I am working on drawing a map of everything inside the wall for you, but it isn’t finished yet.  The wall between the parking lot and the rectory is topped with broken bottles and two guards stand watch over the gates at night. 

Haiti Project-Post 5


Haiti Blog Post 5- January 6, 2012- The Feast Day of Epiphany


Ricardo was one of the first children in the Nutrition Program.  He is from Crochu, a small, poor town in the Mountains.  Carmel brought his mother, baby sister Crystal and his other siblings to Croix-de-Boutique to try and save his life.  Carmel and her team were very successful and his is thriving!  He is now 10 years old and in the 3rd grade.  He has befriended Kellaura and they play lots of cards together!

Haiti Project-Post 4


Haiti Blog Post 4- January 5, 2012- the 12th Day of Christmas

We have now been in Haiti for a full 24 hours.  It has been so wonderful to see all of my friends and introduce them to Kellaura.  I just feel comfortable here and very at peace.  The pace is slow, there isn’t an agenda, and even though this is so against my personality, I am just with fine with going with whatever happens.

Good morning God.


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