What Matriculation Eucharist Meant To Me

Posted by: T.J. Freeman, Middler MDiv

Thinking back to the Seminary of the Southwest Matriculation Eucharist and dinner last year brings a smile to my face. I do not remember a word from the sermon. I am rather certain that Dean Travis preached, but that is a guess at best.

When my wife and I visited the seminary we heard a lot about community. What we heard was an unchanging story about a family that lived, worked, and prayed together as one body; a family that lives and moves and has its being within the love of the Living God.

At that Matriculation Eucharist we, my wife and I, formally became part of that family.

We prayed.

We broke bread.

We shared one cup.

The dinner after Eucharist was a blast. We gathered again in fellowship, told stories, told jokes, and got to know those people with whom we will share the next three years of our lives.

Matriculation was just the beginning of our journey at Seminary of the Southwest. There have been ups and downs. There have been tears and hugs. There have been late nights and early mornings.

Most of all there has been family.

I, for one, am very excited to welcome a few more brothers and sisters to our family.