Rev. Samuel Lloyd III: Praying for Healing after the Marathon Bombings


As Boston continues to recover from Monday’s terrorist attack, we at Trinity Church continue to pray for our city and especially for those who were maimed, killed, or who lost loved ones in the bomb blasts. A day of happy celebration—Patriots Day, a winning day for the Red Sox, and above all the Boston Marathon—was turned into a nightmare of screams and bloodshed.

Trinity Church’s beloved building remains closed to this hour as the search for evidence continues. And our hearts are heavy with the sense of loss—of a bright young boy who will never grow to manhood, of a runner who will never have the legs to walk again, of families that will never again know what it means to share a meal, or go for a run, together. 

As Christians we deplore these horrific acts, and we pray for God’s strength and guidance as we rebuild our common life. We take great heart in our Easter faith, that God can bring healing and hope out of the worst of suffering and loss. And we pledge ourselves to the holy work of creating a society free of the violence that haunts our species. May God’s Spirit of healing and new life sustain us in the weeks and months ahead.

The Rev. Samuel Lloyd III


Trinity Church in the City of Boston

The Rev. Sam Lloyd is Priest-in-Charge at Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts.   Rev. Lloyd will be the Harvey Lecturer at Seminary of the Southwest in 2014.