Making the true light part of your story

Ashley Freeman is a middler in the M.Div. program.   Ashley and his family come to Seminary of the Southwest from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.


John 1: 1-18
The true light, which enlightens everyone, has come into the world.


2013 is almost over, in a few short hours 2014 will be upon us. Many of us will celebrate tonight with friends and family. We may watch the giant ball fall in Times Square, or see fireworks, or pop the top on a bottle of champagne, or perhaps we will share a good luck kiss with our significant others at the stroke of midnight. Regardless of how you celebrate the coming of the New Year, 2013 is history. The best and worst of 2013 is now part of your story. As you reflect on the last twelve months of your life, where did “the true light, which enlightens everyone” shine?


Sometimes recognizing the love and grace of God in our lives is easy. However, often it is very difficult to recognize God’s presence. The ability to see God’s grace and love at work in our lives is a skill. And like all skills if we intend to become proficient at recognizing God’s love and grace in the world we must practice. Today we have a chance practice. As we prepare for the end of 2013, take note of the moments that were filled with the “grace upon grace” that John speaks of in today’s Gospel lesson. What were you doing? How did you recognize the moments of grace? What were the circumstances around these moments? Are these moments connected to certain people, places, times, or patterns in your life?


As we develop our ability to recognize “the true light” in our lives, we also begin to discover the areas of our lives that remain in the darkness.


May the grace and love of God that you experienced and recognized in 2013 remain with you and lead you deeper into God’s grace and love in 2014 and always. Amen.