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Clark has landed in Lima

Rising senior William "Rod" Clark will spend two months in Peru learning about the mission of the Anglican Diocese of Peru. Rod's blog is launched and we invite you to follow along.

Baron and Baron on #dominican

MDiv seniors Jodi and Christian Baron and Eric Holloway will blog this month from the Dominican Republic thanks to a grant from the Seminary Consultation on Mission (SCOM).

You are invited to follow them here and on Twitter @baron_jodi

"Do you want the big fish?"


We Heart Austin in June

T.J. and Annie Freeman enjoy Austin, even in the hot summer. Follow their We Heart Austin posts for their favorite places to hang out in this great city. T.J. has completed his second year towards an MDiv. They came to us from the Diocese of Indianapolis.


We Heart Austin

T.J. and Annie Freeman came to Austin in 2011 from the Diocese of Indianapolis. T.J. has just finished his second year towards his M.Div. degree, and we asked them to share their favorite spots in this great city. 

We hope you enjoy reading, and we'd love to hear your favorites too.



Rev. Samuel Lloyd III: Praying for Healing after the Marathon Bombings


As Boston continues to recover from Monday’s terrorist attack, we at Trinity Church continue to pray for our city and especially for those who were maimed, killed, or who lost loved ones in the bomb blasts. A day of happy celebration—Patriots Day, a winning day for the Red Sox, and above all the Boston Marathon—was turned into a nightmare of screams and bloodshed.

The Role of the Preacher in the Sermon

We invite you to sign up for our next continuing education session, "The Preacher's Self: The Role of the Preacher in the Sermon."

Click here to register.

Earn 20 continuing education contact hours and renew and refresh on our beautiful tree shaded campus in Austin, the live music capital of the world.

Ash Wednesday 2013


Southwest Students Attend Interfaith Retreat

Haiti Blog Post 16-Laundry


Haiti Blog Post 16- January 20, 2012


Laundry might seem like a silly thing to write about, but today it has been on my mind.  I take my wonderful big washing machine and dryer for granted.  But, the ladies here take great pride in cleaning the laundry.

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