Our strength ensures a vital future


Seminary of the Southwest has embarked upon a campaign to build and further strengthen the foundation of our institution. We are committed to raising $15.9 million for endowed faculty chairs, student scholarships, and the annual fund. Following the successes of our recent campaigns to expand campus facilities and renovate Rather House, our new major gifts campaign focuses on the growth of seminary endowments.

This campaign presents an opportunity to build on our strengths—a dedicated faculty, a beautiful and inviting campus, a peaceful chapel for worship and a commitment to  scholarship and leadership. The comprehensive campaign will allow us to invest more in our talented faculty, provide support for our deserving students, and ensure that an exceptional Seminary remains strong and vibrant well into the future.

Our Location in the Southwest

Located in one of the fastest-growing areas of the country, with rich geographic, cultural, and ethnic diversity, Southwest offers a curriculum that prepares people for a changing church in a changing world. We are intent on continuing our mission for years to come while building on the vision of our founder John Hines, Bishop of Texas who served as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church for a decade beginning in 1964. We are determined to remain among the finest theological institutions in the nation. Even as we celebrate the Seminary’s 60th birthday, we’re looking ahead to the next 100 years.

Ensuring Our Future

We seek fully endowed faculty positions for core curricular areas: Pastoral Theology and Leadership, Christian Ethics and Moral Theology, Biblical Studies in Old Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies in New Testament, and Anglican Studies and Liturgics. We will build the endowments of our core chairs and we have the possibility of creating new chairs. Endowed chairs help us attract, retain, and honor outstanding teachers and scholars. They provide a wellspring of ongoing financial support for teaching, research, and service.  This enables faculty to serve more widely, refine their teaching skills, and further enrich students’ lives. Our talented faculty are a resource not only to the seminary community but to the larger Church, local parishes and the community-at-large. As respected authors, teachers and scholars they serve far beyond the campus environs.

A Community of Leaders

Our faculty is the cornerstone of the intellectual and spiritual formation of the Church’s future leaders. The professors and instructors cultivate in students the qualities that define outstanding leaders. By their example and teaching, the faculty members guide students toward a deepening of faith and spiritual growth. Building upon the foundation of inspired leadership; they motivate students to seek the best in themselves and in others.

An Engaged Community

Our desire is that teaching and learning at Southwest take place in small classes where faculty members can interact with students in ways that directly engage and motivate them. This emphasis on community increases the likelihood of students’ success and allows them to more fully realize and develop the gifts they will employ in their ministries.

The professors and instructors at Southwest are exceptional in many ways. They are gifted teachers, trusted counselors, inspiring mentors, and faithful exemplars of Christian maturity, committed to maintaining this tradition of excellence in education. To that end our top priority in the Campaign for Leadership is to secure funds for fully endowed chairs for our faculty.


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