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Psalm 25; Isaiah 5: 8-12, 18-23; Luke 21: 20-28

It is difficult to experience the holiday season without getting ahead of ourselves. Preparing for the season seems to require a number of extra tasks as well as additions to our calendars, and the spirit of the holidays can feel hectic, maybe even a little manic. There is excess everywhere, and we can frequently find ourselves swept up in a net of nimieties. Energy spent, it is remarkably easy to lose sight of the true significance of Advent. It is during this season that we are called to calm our minds and bodies and to devote time to experiencing a quiet anticipation wherein we clear a space for Jesus to come and reside in us. It is a time to reflect upon the meaning and purpose we have in God and to seek a deeper relationship with our Lord. Throughout this season we are invited to lift up our souls and to examine the ways God is calling us to follow the path forward.


O Lord, we await your coming with joyful expectation.
Lead us in the way of steadfast love & enrich our spirits
in this time of patient waiting. Amen.


Vanessa P. Nering
Master of Arts in Counseling, Class of 2015
Seminary of the Southwest











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A native of the Rio Grande Valley, and the middle of three
sisters, Vanessa moved to Austin in 2007 after graduating
from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in
Psychology. Vanessa is passionate about education, has a
Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the
University of Texas and is pursuing a Master's degree in
Counseling at the Seminary of the Southwest. Vanessa
happily serves as the Newcomer Minister and Office
Administrator for St. George's Episcopal Church and she
looks forward to serving in the Austin community for years to