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Psalm 37:1-18; Isaiah 7: 1-9; Luke 22: 1-13

Judas betrays Jesus

When asked to contribute to this year’s meditations, I happily agreed and enthusiastically looked up the Scripture I’d been assigned. I anticipated receiving a verse that would allow me to write about the brilliant, beautiful Light that Jesus brings to the world. When I opened to Luke 22, my expectations were dashed as I read not of Light, but of the darkness of Judas’ betrayal. For thirty pieces of silver he delivered the Lord to those who would crucify him, thus cementing his status as history’s most vile sinner. I childishly said to myself, “I don’t want this verse! Why Judas?!” and I ignored the task for several days. But the Living Word has its way of penetrating our lives and revealing something sacred. And when my self-righteous condemnation of Judas subsided, I began to ponder whether Judas evoked such intense negative emotion within me because, in fact, he’s all too familiar. I asked myself these questions: In what ways am I like Judas? What do I do when God’s will differs from my own? These queries led to an encounter with my own shadow-self, and I pray that awareness of the darkness within me leads to greater compassion for my fellow beings and greater freedom to choose God’s
will over my own.


Loving God, having recognized the presence of sin
within myself, allow me to grow in compassion
for my fellow beings. Amen.


Will Fiorello, MA, ’11
Seton Cove Spirituality Center
Austin, Texas







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Will Fiorello, MA, is an educator and spiritual director at the Seton Cove. Previously, he served in the fields of social work, counseling, and education. He is passionate about recognizing and supporting the unique life journey of each person, and accompanying others as they cultivate emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Will received his Master of Arts in Counseling from the Seminary of the Southwest, and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Miami University. He is a Veriditas® trained and certified Labyrinth facilitator, and a spiritual psychology retreat facilitator.